Out With Assumptions, In With Hope


“I can’t find a new job in this economy.  I have to stay where I am.”

“I’d love to do that kind of work, but no one will hire me without direct experience in that industry.”

“No one gets a job off of online job boards anymore.”

We often unconsciously use assumptions to help us live with the inevitable uncertainty that is a natural part of the job search process.

There is nothing wrong with having feelings about this uncertainty – fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness.  Where we go astray is to use assumptions as a cover-up for what we are really feeling and thinking.

For example, in the first quote, someone says they can’t find a new job in this economy.  What is behind that?  Does the search feel too daunting?  Is it not worth the energy it would take to look?  Do they value the security of their current job more than the unknown situation of a new one?

I’m not saying all assumptions are wrong.  Perhaps this person is saying that after looking for a year, they are not finding anything.  It is true for them at that moment that they are unable to find another job.  I’m simply saying, check out your assumptions before you state them as fact and don’t let them get in the way of the work you want.

I work with people who are leaving unhealthy positions for better jobs.  I see people who successfully transition across industries.  I know people who have been offered interviews and jobs based solely on posting their resume on a job board, and all in the last 4 years of this recession.  Many things are possible.

We need energy and hope to search for work – and a good dose of what is real. Assumptions hide out in the terrain of always or never and thrive in our pessimism, shutting off possibilities and creativity.   Eliminating assumptions will add much needed positivity and clarity to your career search.


What assumptions are you making about your career?
What are these assumptions keeping you from doing or becoming?


Aubrie De Clerck,  PCC CPC

Aubrie is a Career Development and Transition Coach, with her own private practice in Portland. Her career history spans corporate, non-profit and self employment, giving her wide perspective on the world of work. Aubrie is known for being highly inspirational and deeply practical, helping people open doors to a lifetime of fulfilling work. Most of all, she is passionate about helping people of all ages and phases of life get the most out of their work life.


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6 Comments on “Out With Assumptions, In With Hope”

  1. Anne W. Bryant, MA, LPC Says:

    Awesome job, Aubrie. We need more hope in hard times.


    • Aubrie De Clerck Says:

      Thanks Anne! Yes, it can be hard to access hopefulness – especially when there is so much negativity in the press and on tv. Perhaps we could do some success stories of clients on this blog? Maybe rotate them in on a regular basis?


  2. lisa Says:

    Great article, Aubrie!


  3. Darla Marmon Says:

    I enjoyed reading this article, Aubrie. Thanks! I know several folks that can benefit from it. I’ll have to pass this on.


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