Career Transition – Career Resolutions for the New Year!

Aly AnlikerAly Anliker, Ed.M

Aly is a creative organizational and career consultant with over fifteen years of experience in Training Management, Executive Coaching and Instructional Design. She has a background in Human Resources and Marketing and has worked in a variety of industries including telecommunications, high technology, manufacturing and non-profit.

Career Resolutions for the New Year!
Many people craft rituals at the start of a new year. Having completed the business of the old year, they are ready to look forward to a new and better future. Or, at least one as good as the previous year.

Often these rituals include resolutions related to career goals. In this blog, I’m going to suggest you reflect back before you reflect forward.

If your New Year’s resolutions include forging a new career path for yourself, you might decide that one of your goals is to take time to reflect on the past year, what has worked and what has not. The first steps in this action plan might be:
• Schedule a day off.
• Call and make reservations at the coast or somewhere to your liking.
• Select a rock on which to ponder.
• Ponder.

However you go about achieving your goals, don’t forget to take time to ponder and reflect as a first step.

Your resolutions might include getting a job, getting a better job or getting further training and education. In order to achieve these resolutions, I recommend you break your resolution down into goals and then further break those goals down into measurable steps that you can complete monthly, daily and weekly.

Let’s say you want to improve your brand in 2013. One of your goals might be to rewrite your resume. Broken down into measurable steps it might look like this:
• Gather materials including performance reviews by Friday.
• Create at least 5 accomplishment statements by Monday.
• Create a draft of your resume using Word on Monday.
• Ask a career coach to review your resume by Friday.

Resolve to start fresh in 2013. It’s okay if you don’t fully achieve all of your goals. The process of creating them will teach you what is important to you and what’s doable. Stephen R. Covey said, “ The start of a new year is always special. There is a feeling of renewal as we look to a new year.” (Covey, 1994)

Here are a few of my career goals for 2013:
• Listen more both within and without.
• Create more white space for writing and reflection.

As you can see, my goals need to be further broken down into measureable steps.
If you find you are struggling with the action steps necessary to achieve your career and job related goals, contact one of us to assist you.

Wishing you a wonderful year of professional growth and development as you achieve your goals in 2013!

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