What Career Questions Do You Seek Answers To? Soliciting Blog Topics…

July 19, 2013

Job Search

It’s been nearly three years that Career Transition: The Inside Job has been in existence.  We’re very thankful for our loyal readers, occasional readers, and one time readers.  All of you encourage us to continue to write blog posts approximately every two weeks.  We want to continue to bring readers blog posts that are relevant to your needs.  Please submit your blog post topic requests to me at aking@careerful.com.  I’ll make sure all of the Portland Career Counselor Bloggers receives the list of topics.  In fact, at our next blog meeting we will discuss who plans to write on each suggestion (assuming we feel it is an appropriate topic) and relevant to a large enough audience.  If you run across this post and feel it is too late to respond, well, you are in luck!  There is no deadline.questionmarks

Also, of the blog categories we store our blogs under, which categories do you want to see more postings in?  If you are unsure of what the categories consist of, consider reading some of the blogs in each one.

The categories include:

·       Ages and Stages

·       Career Development In Place

·       Career Exploration

·       Career Transition Strategies  

·       Career/Job Market Exploration  

·       Job Search

·       Networking

·       Personal Branding  

·       Personal Growth and Healing  

·       Self-Assessment  

·       Spirituality

·       Support Systems  

·       The Self-Employment Option

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

Andrea KillionAndrea Killion, MS, NCC, MCC
Careerful Counseling Services
Andrea specializes in assisting clients achieve rewarding employment. She works with adult clients from all industries and stages who are either unemployed or employed (or somewhere in between). Whether you are looking for work, trying to figure out what career to pursue, or unsure whether to stay in your current position, Andrea can assist you with these issues and more.


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