Interview Questions to Ask

April 29, 2015

Job Search

Clients, colleagues and friends often ask me what questions to ask in an interview. There are standard questions like:

  • Why is there an opening?
  • What does the new employee need to accomplish during the first 3 to 6 months on the job?
  • What are some of the challenges facing the person in this position?

Asking well thought out questions demonstrates both your understanding of and interest in the company.

questionThe questions you ask have to do with your research, what you already know and what you need to know about the position, the company and whether or not it is a fit for you.

Some additional questions you could ask include:

  • Tell me what you like about working for ABC Company or what is challenging for you in your position? This question can potentially reveal more about the company culture. Of course your networking contacts may be able to provide that information as well.
  • How do people communicate? Often there is a wide range of communication, for example Instant Messenger – this might allow you to demonstrate your facility with these communication methods.
  • How does work get done? The answer to this question can reveal whether the environment is team based versus individual contribution. It can also tell you where problems might occur.

Be careful about benefit related questions or WIFM questions (what’s in it for me). These can portray you as someone who is not really interested in the company and the work of the company.

Whatever you do, make sure you go in with at least 3 to 4 questions. Some of your questions could get asked throughout the course of the interview, and you always want 1 or 2 questions up your sleeve when the employer asks if you have any additional questions.

Good luck with your interview!

Aly AnlikerAly Anliker, Ed.M

Aly is a creative organizational and career consultant with over fifteen years of experience in Training Management, Executive Coaching and Instructional Design. She has a background in Human Resources and Marketing and has worked in a variety of industries including telecommunications, high technology, manufacturing and non-profit.

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