From Pink Slip to Red Slip: Improving Performance during Job Interviews Part I

interviewBefore going into a job interview, it is natural to feel somewhat anxious. This is completely normal and it is ok to accept the fact that you will have some level of discomfort. The trick is to reduce anxiety to a level that allows you to perform well enough under pressure.

Get Excited!

Performance anxiety is better helped by telling yourself to get excited rather than to calm down, according to Professor Alison Wood Brooks, PhD of Harvard Business School. “When you feel anxious, you’re ruminating too much and focusing on potential threats. In those circumstances, people should try to focus on the potential opportunities. It really does pay to be positive, and people should say they are excited. Even if they don’t believe it at first, saying ‘I’m excited’ out loud increases authentic feelings of excitement and was found to improve performance.” American Psychological Association’s Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (2014)

I advise my clients to visualize themselves already working in the position they are going to interview for. Have a clear picture of how your office looks, a favorite outfit you wear, the relationships you develop with new colleagues, and accomplishments you have achieved in this new job. For added confidence, try re-reading accomplishments in your resume as well as those from performance reviews.

Research and Remember

Be ready to be asked what you know about the company. Know what to say as if you are going to be on stage. If you research and learn about the company’s products, services, culture, values, and vision, you will get there at least with the confidence of knowing your subject by heart. To find information about the company, research as much as you can on the company website, talk to current/former employees, utilize LinkedIn, and search on Google.

Don’t stress about forgetting the information just hours before the interview. This is normal, and if you have studied, the information is there and should be accessible once you are asked by the interviewer.

Simply a Conversation

Think about the interview like it’s a simple conversation with someone, to discover each other and see if there’s a fit. Like meeting any other person for the first time – we get to know each other a little before we decide to meet up again. It’s a simple conversation with questions and answers, and that’s all it is.

Stay tuned for Part II, where I reveal what tip the red slip refers to, along with a few others.

andreaking482014Andrea Killion, MS, NCC, MCC
Careerful Counseling Services

Andrea assists clients in successfully achieving rewarding employment. She works with a diverse array of adults from all industries, backgrounds and stages. Whether you are looking for work, trying to figure out what career to pursue, or unsure whether to stay in your current position, Andrea can assist you with these issues and more.

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