From Pink Slip to Red Slip: Improving Performance during Job Interviews Part II

August 5, 2015

Job Search, Support Systems

In Part One, I gave three pointers on improving job interview performance. Below are three additional tips focusing specifically on confidence-building. Are you ready to rock your upcoming interviews? There’s even an undercover strategy for getting beyond that “pink slip” of rejection. Let’s get started.

Change Your Story

It may be obviconfidentous, but the more confident you are before and during a job interview, the more likely you are to obtain a second interview or job offer. Remember that confidence is a feeling brought on by positive thinking. One way to change feelings from negative to positive is to shift our thoughts and beliefs. Taking action isn’t going to help us gain more confidence if we don’t change the story about whom we are. To gain confidence, here are a few steps to change your story.

  1. Write out where in your life you would like to have more confidence.
  2. Notice and write out the story you have about who you think you are and why you think you’re not confident in certain areas.
  3. Do some soul searching in regards to your life. Where and when have you felt confident? Think of specific examples of you being confident, even if for only a moment.
  4. What did you think about yourself when you felt confident in that area? Or what do you think someone who is confident thinks about themselves?
  5. When you act confident (e.g. fake it ‘til you make it), how does it feel?
  6. Use these thoughts to create a new story.
  7. Start repeating your positive new story to yourself daily.

The main reason we don’t feel confident is because we are holding and telling ourselves a contrary story in our minds which hinders us from seeing any other possible evidence. Taking action will be pointless if we haven’t changed the story of who we are. If we want to feel more confidence in our lives, then we have to start thinking and believing confidently.

Ask for a Pep Talk from Loved Ones

If changing your story somehow isn’t enough, before your next interview, ask your friends and/or family to tell you how wonderful you are. Don’t be concerned if it takes a little time for them to come up with good things to say. It’s not that they are making stuff up; they just need time to give you specific concrete examples of your wonderfulness. It always feels good and it will help in killing that little negative voice. Let the compliments flow in. Accept what they say as the complete truth and nothing less. Then treat yourself to a yummy dessert or buy flowers for your home office.

Consider an Under Layer Makeover

During an interview, you not only need to dress to impress the interviewer, but yourself as well! I urge you to consider an under layer makeover! Forget that pink slip you received from your last employer because it is time to focus on shopping for and wearing a red slip. Perhaps red is not a color that makes you feel particularly special? No problem, choose whatever color works for you.

If wearing a slip is not your thing, wear whatever under garment boosts your self-assurance. And this tip is not aimed only at women! For men living in Portland or Seattle, consider checking out underU4men. Just as women treat themselves to lingerie from time to time, men might do the same. What you wear underneath your professional outfit is not what gives you confidence, it is the increased self-esteem created by feeling good about yourself (and having a secret) that gives an air of confidence.

Who says preparing and going to an interview is no fun?

andreaking482014Andrea Killion, MS, NCC, MCC
Careerful Counseling Services

Andrea assists clients in successfully achieving rewarding employment. She works with a diverse array of adults from all industries, backgrounds and stages. Whether you are looking for work, trying to figure out what career to pursue, or unsure whether to stay in your current position, Andrea can assist you with these issues and more.

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