5 Easy Ways to Build your Professional Brand!

  1. Make sure you have a great profile on LinkedIn

You can use the contents of your resume, performance reviews, work samples and kudos from others to create a great LinkedIn profile. Include a professional headshot. Make sure you have a paragraph summary that speaks to what you offer and what you are passionate about professionally.  You also want to add skills you have so your connections can endorse these skills.  You don’t need to include a lot in your Experience section.  Just include a brief description of your position or the scope of your responsibilities and a few accomplishments.

Further, you can invite your connections to write recommendations for you and you can post those on your profile for potential employers to see. These recommendations further validate you and what you offer. Don’t shy away from other social media

2. Consider other Social Media sites

Everyone and their brother are on LinkedIn but don’t forget other social media sites that employers are on and use to market their business. There are many out there but Twitter is a good site to invest a bit of your time in. While you don’t have to tweet every day, Twitter is a good way to see what’s trending with employers and people you want to connect to.  It is just one more way to gain information and get your messaging out there.


Facebook is great for networking purposes and adding to the professional and personal connections you have. Because it’s more of a social site, you want to be careful about anything you post on FB.  You can also have a profile on FB that reflects your brand and what you want to be known for.  Periodically I post this blog on FB for my many friends who have active professional careers.

3. Post to LinkedIn and Twitter at least once a week

When you think about what you want to post about or share, what would be something valuable for your network to know about you and your accomplishments? What is a learning you can share with others?  This is where fine tuning your brand can be useful.  Do you want to be known as a great project manager?  Then post info on a new software application that helps people manage projects.  Whatever it is, this can and will establish you as a thought leader in your field of expertise.


4. Attend events and schedule networking meetings to talk about yourself and what you offer your community

Even if you are already working, it makes good sense to do this. You never know when a great opportunity could come your way because of who you know and who knows you.  Meetings are also a great way to practice talking about yourself, your background and what you offer your professional community.  See past blogs on the topic of networking.

5. Continue to refine your brand


Your resume is part of your brand. You may know you should continually update that resume and your other branding documents as you gain new experiences, accomplishments and\or education.  You do not stand still so neither should your brand.

In my next post I will provide tips on your branding documents and how they can help you stand out and communicate to your professional network.

Happy Branding!


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