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Part of a successful job search involves getting organized. The same holds true for professional development within your current organization.  A good career counselor can help you sort out the steps to put the right documents together to communicate with potential employers.

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The first thing is goal setting.  Be clear on the type of role you want and are qualified for.  This may include research on the type of industry and company you want to work for.  Your focus may also include the type of work environment and whether your job includes telework.  The more details you have, the better you will be able to determine where these opportunities exist.

The next piece of goal setting is when do you need or want to go back to work? Your career counselor can advise you on average job search times and recommended hours to put into your job search.

From your goals, comes your action plan.  When do you need complete your resume and other job search documents like a cover letter? When you are conducting your job search, what kinds of activities will you be engaged in and how often?  Typically if you need to go back to work quickly, you will want to treat your search like a job and probably plan for anywhere from 30 to 35 hours per week.

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Another aspect of organizing your job search is record keeping.  For example, you will want to keep track of networking contacts and results of meetings with your network.  How will you organize the documents you submit to employers?  When will you follow up?

Your job search can also teach you what’s working and what you might need to tweak or do differently.

Part Two of this blog will cover Time Management, Time Robbers and tips for success given these two job seeking challenges.

Aly Anliker is a creative organizational and career consultant with extensive experience in Training Management, Executive Coaching and Instructional Design. In her work with career clients, Aly is passionate about brand identity including the resume and what makes people unique in the world of work.  Through experience in the outplacement industry, Aly has worked with individuals in career transition for over fifteen years.

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