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Our Mission

As trusted career counselors, advisors, and writers, we are committed to the art of revealing and developing one’s relationship to work – today and over a lifetime.  As a guild of professionals, we share this mission and apply individually unique and complementary methods of helping people achieve more  personally fulfilling careers.

Through our blog, we help readers uncover interests, skills and abilities, personality traits and values-based insights. We offer examples of success and market-based information and provide ideas for practical plans and strategies.

We hope you enjoy The Inside Job and that our body of work helps you access new perspective, focus and hope.

One Hundred Years of Career Counseling

A client said that working towards a new, satisfying career felt like “climbing Mt. Hood by myself without breakfast.”  Just looking at the 11,249 foot peak near Portland, Oregon brings out a range of feelings similar to those experienced by career and job changers aspiring to their own lofty goals.  Both daydreams and mountain peaks evoke inspiration and awe when appreciated from afar. When you actually plan to aim for the peak, you can drift from excitement to confusion about the best route and how to start.  Fear may also accompany your recall of stories about others who have attempted the journey only to be overcome with fatigue.

This blog, Career Transition: The Inside Job, is written by a team of career counselors with private practices in Portland, Oregon.  Our intent is to help you make a successful ascent to reach your career goals.  The seven of us bring you over one hundred combined years of guiding adults towards meaningful and financially viable careers.  We are trusty, well-trained guides, each having completed a psychologically-oriented degree such as Masters in Counseling, Education, and Industrial Psychology.  Within our studies and careers, we’ve focused on helping people like you seeking a career fit that brings meaning, happiness, and security.  And, we have all worked with people whose trek is burdened by past dead-end career paths and/or surprise layoffs.

We’ve chosen to launch our blog during this major recession that has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives. We understand the formidable challenge that you face.  In this climate, you need to be well equipped and positive when you are out in the world of networking.  Our intent is to provide you with a warm place to return to – a place where you can let down your “networking smile” and find reassurance that doubt and fear are also a normal part of the process. Mt. Hood has a beautiful rustic lodge with a huge roaring fireplace.  Picture us gathered around for rest, guidance and companionship.

To get to know each of us, our similarities and differences, we invite you to review our bios, websites and descriptions of our services.  You will see that our prior careers include experience in health care, high tech, government, education, the arts, and small business.  We welcome individual sessions with clients in our local offices and a few of us offer career consulting at a distance. Some of us are licensed and nationally certified and a few of us accept insurance.

You will notice that we are an unusually handsome bunch – and we are healthy too.  I believe this is because we follow our own professional advice and balance work stress with restorative activities in our non-work lives.  Vicki Lind, Gail Nicholson, and Anne Bryant get lost in their abundant gardens- Anne and her husband have even added three chickens to their suburban homestead.  Bruce Hazen relaxes on the deck of his floating home and watches sunsets over Sauvie Island’s new bridge.

Movement, music, and exploration also offset workplace stress: Andrea King practices yoga and dances regularly. Aly Anliker and her daughter explore the Northwest and scour antique shops for that perfect teapot.

We selected our theme, Career Transition: The Inside Job understanding that the “Inside Job” has at least four viable interpretations.

  • The Inside Job can refer to successfully coping with the internal emotions and beliefs that accompany each of the phases of career transition: Preparation, Self-Assessment, Career Exploration, and Job Search.
  • The Inside Job can refer to the inner personal work of lifting your self-esteem and bolstering your support system in order to carry out a successful career transition.
  • The Inside Job can refer to creating career advancement “in place” which could include making adaptations to improve your job satisfaction and/or moving up within your current place of employment.
  • The Inside Job can refer to targeting desirable future employers and becoming known to the employer to key inside people through artful networking.

We look forward to assisting you whether you are looking for a new career, a new job, or advancement in your current organization.  We invite you to take a breather from your trek anytime and join us for respite, support and company.

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