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Surviving and Thriving When the Work World Overstimulates You – Part I

November 15, 2016



Do noises at your workplace drain you? Do you get headaches or experience eye strain from the fluorescent lights above your workspace? Is it especially difficult receiving feedback on your performance each year? Perhaps you are highly sensitive. If so, how can you not only survive but thrive in the work world? Highly Sensitive People […]

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Know Your Career Phase

October 18, 2016



“Wisdom consists in knowing one’s place in any given cycle, and what kinds of action (or restraint of action) are appropriate for that phase.” – Richard Heinberg  The natural world gives us good cues about cycles.  The change of seasons, tides and phases of the moon are among the reliable processes that our ancestors were […]

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“How may I help?” Focus your call to service by creating work from inner meaning

September 20, 2016



Many people I talk with want careers helping others, but don’t know what to do exactly. It’s a frustrating puzzle; the desire is there without a clear focus. There may even be deep angst over a lost sense of meaning in life that will only be restored if one’s cause is revealed. Whether you have […]

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“Where for art thou, my self-confidence?” she cries.

June 21, 2016



Many of the people I talk to about career direction feel they lack the confidence to fully explore their options. They express being overwhelmed by second-guessing, self-doubt, perfectionism and the inability to take action when deemed necessary. Women, in particular, describe discomfort while trying to outline paths beyond what they already know. It seems a […]

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Being a Career Coach Is Just Like Selling Pantyhose

April 22, 2016



My first job was in retail, at a large department store.  I hoped to get placed in a department I would enjoy, or at least know something about.  I didn’t.  I was assigned to hosiery.  Disappointed, I accepted the job, needing work experience and the money. I avoided pantyhose like the plague up until this […]

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The Promise (and Peril) of Career Tests

March 30, 2016

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Risk Analyst

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a test or two and find your best job fit? Frequently I hear from clients the fervent hope that one or more career tests will point the way to a dream job, or at least one for which they are best-suited. Thinking like this leads to over-rating test results, […]

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Practicality and Possibility

February 2, 2016



“I’m saving up for when I have a low-paying job that I love.” Just one of the many things people say when contemplating having work they are passionate about.  I have mixed feelings about this frame of mind. On one hand, saving up to do what you love is a great thing – it’s a […]

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Career Fit: Organizational Culture

January 19, 2016



Do you think about fit when you target companies you want to work for? When recruiters or HR professionals talk about it, they are talking about fit with the position, the team, and the culture. Organizational culture can include things like work\life balance or lack thereof, how people communicate internally and externally, how involved in […]

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Breaking the Decision Stalemate

October 13, 2015



Have you ever felt stuck when making a tough career decision?  Some years ago I was in a tug of war between what I felt I should do and what I wanted to do.  It felt like  I was in a stalemate – what chess players call a situation where no viable move exists and, […]

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Are You Career Savvy? What Career Counselors Advise

May 26, 2015



Perhaps you can relate to clients who have reached out to me after a job loss or extended search feeling as if they were caught unawares and with very little in the way of preparation. Or, if you’re currently employed, how well are you prepared for a sudden merger, department downsizing or an increasingly-aggravating boss […]

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