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Aaron Good is a career and mental health counselor in private practice, focusing on career, purpose, and identity. He works with individuals throughout the lifespan who want to improve their current job, find a new career more aligned with their values, or reaffirm the track they’re on. He covers the range of career issues, from understanding how anxiety and depression can impact our work and purpose, to the practical mechanics of assessment and job search. Aaron holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Portland State University. He has taken additional coursework in ecopsychology, issues affecting veterans, group facilitation, overcoming oppression, and confronting racism. He’s also a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), a specialization that focuses on vocational rehabilitation, disability, and adjustment. His undergraduate degree from Reed College is in cultural anthropology. Before Aaron counseled himself into a career as a psychotherapist, he worked in public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He had a long career in Information Technology, first helping design professionals solve workflow problems (Adobe) and then managing large-scale enterprise systems (Nike and MGM). He still engages in technology-related work for Person-Centered Tech, a small business that provides digital ethics training for mental health professionals.

Four Things You Can Do When Your Job is Going Well

December 11, 2018


The words "Four things you can do when your job is going well" and four icons: a pencil and paper, shaking hands, a mountain with a flag on it, and a book.

Even when your job is going well – you feel engaged, you can see opportunities for advancement, and you feel well compensated for your work – it’s important to perform what I call “ongoing career maintenance.” These are little things you can do to keep yourself primed and ready should you find yourself wanting a […]

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The Career Timeline

August 7, 2018


A tool for teasing out your lifelong themes While I was talking to a class of counseling students about my focus on career counseling, one student asked, “You said that your desire is to help heal the world; doesn’t your corporate background lead you to guide career counseling clients into corporate America where they wouldn’t help […]

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