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Gail Nicholson, MA, LPC 503-227-4250 Gail is passionate about working with individuals who want to explore and connect with a more authentic sense of self as a basis for defining their lives, work lives and roles in the larger community. Her typical client is interested in finding direction and fulfillment, but is overwhelmed or discouraged. Gail offers a blend of personal and career counseling, as she has found that attending to personal issues or mental health concerns can reduce barriers to moving forward. She works with clients on defining purpose and direction, handling stress and tackling career exploration, job search and small business start-up. Gail’s combination of personal and career counseling is designed to connect you with your core values, interests and traits. You’ll build self-confidence as your strengths are identified and potential paths are highlighted. Gail will coach you to explore new possibilities in a way that works for you. Gail responds to individual needs for short-term or ongoing counseling. After deciding what you’d like to work on, you’ll make a plan that incorporates your priorities and concerns, moving step-by-step as you gain confidence in your self and your direction in life. For more information, visit Ms. Nicholson received a MS in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University and a BS in Business Administration from Lewis & Clark College.

Moms and Dads don’t give up on your other career dreams!

December 12, 2016



As a divorce coach and vocational expert in collaborative and mediated cases that are settled out of court, I have the privilege of supporting moms and dads needing to go back to work, as a result of their divorce. Typically the stay at home spouse has spent several years, often more than fifteen, out of […]

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“How may I help?” Focus your call to service by creating work from inner meaning

September 20, 2016



Many people I talk with want careers helping others, but don’t know what to do exactly. It’s a frustrating puzzle; the desire is there without a clear focus. There may even be deep angst over a lost sense of meaning in life that will only be restored if one’s cause is revealed. Whether you have […]

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“Where for art thou, my self-confidence?” she cries.

June 21, 2016



Many of the people I talk to about career direction feel they lack the confidence to fully explore their options. They express being overwhelmed by second-guessing, self-doubt, perfectionism and the inability to take action when deemed necessary. Women, in particular, describe discomfort while trying to outline paths beyond what they already know. It seems a […]

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Leaping Over Your Barrier to Networking

March 2, 2016



[Picture a teen in a white tee soaring high above blocks of taxis, hood to hood, an ocean of traffic, on his skateboard in New York City. (Painted on The New Yorker’s cover August 3, 2015.)] Now, entertain the notion that your imagined, personal and professional networking options often fall into scenarios about the “correct, […]

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Explore Meaningful Work

December 8, 2015



Explore meaningful work to realize more of your potential and build a new way of living and working in community. My clients still struggle to support their search for meaningful work, which is becoming more and more openly desired in this country. Media references call us out to work with passion. Yet, we live in […]

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What’s Missing? Find Your Link to Career Satisfaction

August 18, 2015

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Would you like to have a job that fits? We spend so much time there. How can you afford to waste it on non-fulfilling experiences, let alone those that dull or even damage your sense of self and what’s possible in life? Human beings want to feel effective, useful to others in some way; it’s […]

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The Myth of the Big Thing (Notes from the field)

May 12, 2015



Shortly after I began career counseling, with the intent of helping people create a deeper, more satisfying direction in their work lives, I noticed a pattern. My clients were not expecting the need for anything beyond a bit of career testing, my expert advise and a new resume. The need for a transition process had […]

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Retirement Stories

February 2, 2015



“What are you going to do all day?” was a common question asked of retired friends and colleagues that I interviewed recently about their personal, emotional or psychological approach to retirement. Their answers to the question fit rather neatly into career theorist and author William Bridges’ model of transition. According to Bridges in his book, […]

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Collaborative Approach to Divorce Empowers Stay-at-Home Spouse Re-Entering the Workplace

October 26, 2014



Increasingly in recent years, couples seeking an amicable divorce have chosen mediation as a way to avoid a nasty escalation into an expensive, attorney driven legal battle. This works for many families. However, anecdotal research shows that other folks still want more than a neutral mediator; an advocate in their corner. In a collaborative divorce, […]

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What is Social Entrepreneurism?

July 8, 2014



Career counseling clients looking to work for a values/community-based organization and earn a decent living are often stumped. They think they must choose between a non-profit whose mission they believe in and not make any money, or sell out their values to earn a better wage. When I’ve asked folks over the past few months […]

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